Delivery protection

It is believed that there are some of the sellers are coping with the hard eventualities on Kanorshop which is the provision fees calculating. Because of this truth, in this put up, I’m gonna show you find out how to do supply template environment and what is the number one provide methods on Kanorshop.

To start with, there are principally two purposes to do supply template environment. The main one is dealing with the provide fees difference between spaces, and another one is dealing with the provide fees difference between products. It want to well-known that sellers would most likely the use of the business provide for turning in those merchandises which will also be heavier than 2kg, and it should be upper to use the standard parcel provide for turning in merchandises which may well be lighter that 2kg. 

1.Number one provide methods on Kanorshop

There are principally three provide methods on Kanorshop as following:

a. Postal logistics.

b. Business logistics. It principally include FedEx, DHL and so on.

c. Trustworthy logistics. Kanorshop has built up one of the vital trustworthy logistics for bettering efficiency akin to Middle East logistics.

As everyone knows that e-commerce is rising all of a sudden inside the contemporary years, and there are a surging choice of consumers need buying just right phone and power banks online. Because of this truth, sellers want to clearly understand that what logistics corporations are accept with turning in electronics. 

In addition to, there are principally two components that should effects calculation of provide fees. The main one is pricing. As everyone knows that virtually every seller are gonna do unfastened supply for attracting consumers, so sellers want to add the provision fees to the product pricing which is able to steer clear of loss of money. The second one is space issues, it is believed that offer fees are different depends on spaces. Without equal one is the weights. Mainly, sellers want to pay additional provide fees with the heavier products, because of this truth, sellers want to stay focal point on the product weights, to clearly understand that if the weights are excessive or now not. 

Easy methods to calculate provide fees

Many times, there are principally two calculation for provide fees, which is odd provide and registered provide. It want to well-known that sellers can send merchandises with lower $7 by means of the use of odd provide, and send merchandises with higher $7 by means of the use of registered provide on account of registered provide should presentations the logistics tracking information to each and every sellers and buyers. There are two calculating parts for the ones two provide methods as following:

a. Unusual provide. Provide fees = basic provide fees * weights;

b. Registered provide. Provide fees = basic provide fees * weights + join fees.

In addition to, here is a site for tracking order that is http://www.17apply.internet, each and every sellers and buyers can tracking order by means of entering tracking numbers on this site.